# The Job System

You can collect lottery tickets by going for trades. To change a lottery ticket you have to click on it. You can either get expensive or trash items.

  • Expensive Items you can get from the lottery ticket on DemonRoad:
 - Immortal Stone (Lv 10)
 - Astral Stone (Lv 10)
 - Random amount of DP
 - Reputation
 - Achievement
 - Avatar Box
 - Expendables

 And many more!

Also if you've won an expensive item it will be announced via notice that you've won it. Lottery tickets drop from NPC thieves if you're trader, and from NPC hunters if you're a thief.


Please always make sure you have enough free slot(s) in your inventory before exchanging one or more tickets!

Monthly top 3 players who exchanged the most tickets receive a reward:
1st: 1200 DP
2nd: 1000 DP
3rd: 800 DP